Why is spencer top tier??

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User Info: Y-I-K-E-S

4 years ago#1
He does great damage but outside of that I just don't see it.

User Info: GyudonKiller

4 years ago#2
Great damage, super easy hit confirms, good mobility, useful assists depending on your team composition, easy to use.
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User Info: Chat Noir

Chat Noir
4 years ago#3
He gets the job done.

User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#4
Because he's got a bionic arm. How could he lose? Worry about yourself.
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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#5
Stupid good damage (which is tons better with assists), can combo off damn near any hit from anywhere it seems, good health, his assist are great combo extenders, decent meter builder, predictable but good mobility, and his DHC into bionic manuevers is really good if you didn't use the ground bounce already.

I honestly hate this character.
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User Info: Old_Sod

4 years ago#6
-Great damage (unscaled up grapple makes no sense)
-Good mobility (not just zips, but basic ground movement)
-Good neutral mix ups ops (command grab, overheads, lows, zip + assist, resets, etc.)
-Good incoming mix ups (H command grab setups, Bionic Bomber 50/50, etc.)
-Unique assist (SS is a great tool for certain characters)
-Great hypers (BP invincibility and BM can serve as a great DHC to and from others)
-Builds good meter off of zip loops
-He can corner switch during combos (if he has his back to the corner, he can switch back to that corner mid combo instead of having to do the full screen zip loop. He can also maintain the corner off of a side TAC to him in the corner...a nice bonus)
-Close Bionic Piercer work okay as a punish in response to people trying to XFC guard break during his block strings...whereas other people have to XFC in response
-Instant THC that hits unless opponent is blocking before the flash
-Can follow up after his air throws and his f. throw in the corner
-Can up grapple > L follow up > raw tag to get people out if need be, or follow up with someone like Doom to finish the combo and let Spencer heal
-Can convert from super jump height
-Can choose whether or not to use a ground bounce and wall bounce in his combos to tailor to the rest of the combos needs (i.e. DHC to Vergil SS...Spencer just does zip loops and leaves both available for Vergil to continue his SS loops)


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User Info: Y-I-K-E-S

4 years ago#7
Some real answers good stuff, I didn't know some of those things about him like if the opponent XFGC's you can AP instead. Oh yeah and that video wow that was ziptastic

User Info: ProzacIsBack

4 years ago#8
There's nothing instant about Spencer's THC.

It brings everyone else to their superfreeze point; so unless one of the hypers is a 0-frame-post-freeze hyper(Very rare), they can block in response.

It's still an amazing THC; fast to the freeze, instantly invincible, recovers fast, and locks down a good portion of the screen with a hitbox, etc.

The rest I'd say is right on.
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User Info: Newuser

4 years ago#9
Because anytime you try to punish him you need to worry about random herp derp bionic arms? Also his jump H is one of the best in the game and it option selects easily with his air throw.
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4 years ago#10
He's not

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