5 buffs to make a better character.

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User Info: FRoB330

4 years ago#31
Gives to wasker

moar healths than thor
A speacial move that causes a cancelable roof bounce
a bedder gun that can shoots more ammos than juan bullet
a longer tranch coat that can does tailwhip damage
and makes hims a special to summons the zombie hound gawgs bechaus they are cool
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User Info: supersmashbrosf

4 years ago#32
-Can combo after all her throws
-Down j.H is an overhead
-Talon attack L causes a soft knockdown or increased hitstun to convert from SJ height
-Increased hitboxes on her normals
-Can cancel all her air specials into each other three times.
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User Info: RoccoRed

4 years ago#33
Just five for Ammy? Awwww...

1. Copies Magneto's gravity screen moves with galestorm to blown away and toward Ammy and Deluge to force enemies down from the skies.
2. Cherry Bomb special
3. Full rosary combo along with full tundra shots
4. Counter and Beads now work in air
5. Okami Shuffle damage scaling reduced greatly.
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User Info: Strider Hien

Strider Hien
4 years ago#34
From: GnnaTakeU4ARide | #008
itzshowtime8 posted...

1. Startup time reduced for typhoon OR extend typhoon to reach super jump height
2. Startup time slightly reduced for lightning sphere
3. Lightning sphere can otg
4. Small health buff
6. OHHHH! returns from MVC2.


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User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#35
Viewtiful Joe

1. Slow
2. Fast Forward
3. Replay
4. Zoom in
5. Six Machine
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