Dodge this Shinku Hadouken if you can but

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User Info: demonofsparta

4 years ago#21
FireflyV_ONE posted...

get out of here with that pre-crisis crap.
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User Info: Noonan_257

4 years ago#22
Dat Infinite Mass Punch.
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The onus of proof is on the accuser, not the one questioning the claims.

User Info: Fooforaw

4 years ago#23
No matter who wins, the Earth gets bodied for free.
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User Info: hyperskate65

4 years ago#24
Called it from topic title.

Still smiled though.
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User Info: I_liek_mudkieps

4 years ago#25
which goku and which supes?

User Info: HeroCorruptor66

4 years ago#26
The more people decide to allow censorship and laws supporting it to arise, the more they're letting the nazis win.

User Info: Jtrunks

4 years ago#27
From: FireflyV_ONE | #020

If you look closely, those planets look really small...

The way it is shown (at least from that perspective) those planets cant be more than a foot in diameter.

It is possible he destroyed planets, but a few things:

We don't know how big they were.
Why would such a small mouth breathe a fan of air like that?
No life on it, according to Superman. So no one powerful or notable were on them.(i.e Darkseid, Saiyans)
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