Vergil Guard Break on the Vita (Video)

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User Info: Turlast

4 years ago#41
This was pretty difficult to do. I got so hype when I actually did it, tho. Probably got it about 12/100 times or so. Now I want to practice it more. This was the first time I actually used the record and playback option in Ultimate.
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User Info: isirhci

4 years ago#42
MK9_Prodigy posted...

It's a guaranteed throw. That's good no matter what way you want to skew it.

It was only a guaranteed throw because CPU pushed blocked the assist. In a real world situation, people will not be push blocking the assist therefore the attempted grab will be techable.
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User Info: isirhci

4 years ago#43
SGleader1 posted...

It's an option, and push blocking Zero isn't something you'd initially do first, but if you read earlier in the topic I have scare tactics that make my opponent want to push block Zero. If you do this set up and they don't push block at all, they can get thrown as soon as they touch the ground or eat a triple cross up as the least frighting option.

Sorry there is no scare tactics to make anyone push block an assist while the other character is not absolutely does NOTHING. You actually put yourself in a worst position BY push blocking the assist as demonstrated by your video.

If they dont push block and you go for a grab, they can tech it. The only time a grab becomes untechable is through a REAL guard break...from a negated push block.

The only thing you might have going is corner pressure for your mixups.
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User Info: WorldGaiden

4 years ago#44
lol@ thinking these are untechable throws.

There is a 1-2f timing for these pushblock untechable throws, they'll work vs a AI who pushblocks on frame 1 every single time. But won't work vs a real player who will pushblock at varying times.
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