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User Info: Old_Sod

4 years ago#11
Bigezzay08 posted...
Old_Sod posted...
Yo Onslaught...I played in my 1st tournament yesterday and finally got to understand what you are talking about. I haven't been that frustrated with Marvel in a good bit.

I just could NOT get used to the timing of the setup we played on. Somehow, I still made it to Winner's Finals, then lost once getting knocked to Losers. I don't think I hit a single Zip loop or corner cross grapple during any of the matches.

Also, good luck at those tourneys, my fellow nuder.

Yeah man It's bull. My buddy invited some really good Wesker and Viper players and expected me to be "good." Instead I drop simple Dante BnB's and zip loops. Straight looked like a chump.

And looks like I'll be attending Nor Cal Regionals. So I'll have to have an offline training regiment for a couple weeks.

Good stuff though. Where are you located at again?

NC. The tournament wasn't a big tourney, but there were still some decent people there.

May start going to the ReSe's soon, depending if I can find people to really play with offline. That's the tournament that Roach King, Noel Brown, and Dieminion normally show up to.

My schedule is a bit I may just have to enjoy online warrior-dom and cheer on my fellow GFAQers from Stream-land.

Good luck at NCR and keep us informed on how it goes! Always get hype to see names like Roach King, Geneijin, etc., pop up on stream!
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User Info: Bigezzay08

4 years ago#12
Oh no bueno.

You know there are always way better things to be doing with your time than going to a video game tournament, but I think doing something that you want to do once in a while keeps us from going insane. By "us" I mean people with significant others.

And man I'd like to Play Gen offline sometime but that probably will never happen. Dude had some type 1 Serp goat lag.

And thanks :) I'll try not to let you guys down and hopefully make it out of pools. (Lol)

User Info: Phara0hMan

4 years ago#13
Yeah, dropping online is one of the best moves you can make, if you have a scene that lets you play somewhat consistently (every Friday is great).

I don't play majors, but I've not gotten below top 5 in locals since quitting. And that's with my She-Hulk team; my Hawkeye team is usually in finals when I decide to use it. You learn FAST that the B.S. you pull online ain't gonna fly against long time tourney players.

I'm not bashing online btw, it's just not conducive to improving offline play.
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