ITT: Your worst moments in this game.

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User Info: g6260

4 years ago#1
Last night I was playing Cloud in a Ft10, at one point I got him with a Dante grapple reset and he hard tagged to Vergil. I wasn't expecting it from him so I got hit, and then he proceeded to combo me off the hard tag. V_V I put the controller down at that point.

Also, leading Onslaught 8-2 in a Ft10, only to lose 10-8 in the end. Epic chokedom.
GT: amillionknivezz

User Info: Bigezzay08

4 years ago#2
Lol I remember that.

Mine is losing to Omg itz Andre. I went like 2-2 with him in a PJS lobby. The fact that I lost to that dude before he "leveled up" is just appalling.

Or the set that Dew Grimey analized me in.

User Info: g6260

4 years ago#3
Lol, I remember when I last played Drew Grimey. I wasn't sure who to even snap in anymore at one point, all of his characters are absolutely terrifying.
GT: amillionknivezz

User Info: xiceman191

4 years ago#4
learning stick but damn once i get it down will it be awesome. I cant even fly wtf
"My greatest enemy, is my inner me." - Lupe Fiasco "Much More"
PSN: Datdudeiceman191

User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#5
Nothing in this game will ever make you feel like more of a fraud than losing a set badly against your main team in a mirror match, esp when it's more of a unique team. Such was my fate a couple months ago.
Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general -Mark Rippetoe

User Info: AegisIkana

4 years ago#6
Losing to Hulks in my local tourney. It's too demoralizing.
PSN: TheVeldt;; Rethinking my playstyle in UMVC3.
Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.
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