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User Info: scaler24

4 years ago#11
Jill is Low Tier.
Also known as Herr_Edgeworth
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User Info: Chat Noir

Chat Noir
4 years ago#12
TheMoralessStar posted...
Why the hell would a point character need support value?

Why wouldn't they?

User Info: The_Cisco

4 years ago#13
I think the links to those threads are a bit bad. On Specifics on who is Top?

Point is obviously - Zero,Viper, Wolverine, Magneto, Morrigan, in what ever order. Zero and Viper theoretically have the most moves but Mags and Wolvie are the two who actually flood the metagame.

Support: Doom, Sent, RR, Strider, Dante or Ammy are the ones who effectively buff characters on field with their assist. I would consider doom the top of them all because all roles are effective and he is the most character used in the popular teams of the scene. Sentinel needs no explaining. RR i think is a better support character than Strider as seen by Ageojoe last year, Vajira is more popular because of Strider but RR is a superior/underrated support character. His support is safer to spam, and unlike Vajira, RR has actually won majors (that includes japan). I can name a few characters who can't work with Vajira, but i think every character can work off log. Jam and ColdStar is a toss up. I'm slightly going for Ammy because of the THC/DHC properties she additionally gives.

Anchor: Morrigan, Vergil, Strider, Phoenix, Akuma are thee god anchors of the game. I'm in debate on Morrigan and Vergil for number one. We mostly see Morrigan on point due to Chris G but i think we can all make sense of Morridoom being played as anchor. I think it's potentially more derp than Vergil and Dark Strider given the load of meter. Akuma has the metagame to back him up, Phoenix is only theoretically bad in the mind of a scrub she still places high enough thanks to players who know how to use her, Strider is facing a good rise already with about 1-2 players reaching the tops in majors (different names as well) and we've all seen how deadly he is when in dark mode.

But on General Tiers... The top tiers are 20 characters (the S and A characters being 10 in the S and 10 in the A) because this game is just too balanced to have such a reduced number of top tiers.
S tier
Mags, Doom, Vergil, Wolverine, and Morrigan. (Top 5)
6-10 Spencer, Zero, Viper, Wesker, Dormammu (what ever order)

A tier
Nova, Strider, Akuma, Sentinel, Phoenix, Hawkeye, Frank West, Ammy, Dante Taskmaster, .

Then there are Storm, Skrull, and Strange guys who are actually rising yet have not been as dominating in the metascene as the S and A's yet (i'm basing this on the general usage/stats). One of these (preferably storm) may as well replace Taskmaster though but IDK yet.

Nova, Akuma and I guess Strider can replace Wesker and Dormammu, especially Nova since he's always been a reliable and popular choice.. I think Nova and Akuma are arguable S tiers because of their metagame records.
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