Started to use Morrigan for a bit...

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User Info: MedicalGamer

4 years ago#1
Man its tough to use Astral Zoning. I think I got Morrigan not to say Soul Fist 30% of the time on training. Not use to unfly.

Still she's kinda fun to mess around with. Fortunately I have some high quality clips thanks to ChrisG.

Anyways you guys have any tips? Besides fly-unfly everything.
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User Info: tjmr15

4 years ago#2
make sure to always be covered by a fire ball when your dashing in, don't do raw airdashes unless your covered by an assist. otherwise don't do dashes unless you are in flight mode where you can unfly the dash and block before you are punished.

soul fist spam is hard to learn but once you get the hang of it it gets easy, just start off slow until you can work your way up to doing it fast.

shell kick is GDLK and for what ever reason alot of people don't bush block it lol

umm.. if you learn her combos involving soul fist cancels, be prepared to drop all of them online :)

if you are doing bullet hell and your opponent isnt dumb and is trying to lame it out in the air, dont STAY ON THE GROUND just spaming M/H fire balls if your opponents in the upper corner and its not hitting him, move in and mix in some rush down to bring him down to the ground.

dont always dash in with a shell kick, its predictable and 90% of morrigans spam it. try dashing in with her heavy or light attack ( her light attack is supa dupa fast and can lead into a flight combo if it hits)

if you youtube " umvce morrigan guide" everything i just mentioned and more can be found there, that guy who made the guides is super good with morrigan.
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