I love this game but

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User Info: ZeroGearM

4 years ago#1
The online sucks monkey dick. This game would have been THE greatest fighting game for me if it had a better netcode and online modes.

User Info: melvinmelon123

4 years ago#2
Capcom should steal Arcsys' netcode.

User Info: lol_what

4 years ago#3
melvinmelon123 posted...
Capcom should steal Arcsys' netcode.

as long as they don't keep their awful online system

User Info: reyray0709

4 years ago#4
Better than MK/Injustice's netcode.

The delay is very noticeable.
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User Info: scaler24

4 years ago#5
Much better than KoFXIII. That one literally lags on the Character Screen >_>
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User Info: PinkPikachu

4 years ago#6
reyray0709 posted...
Better than Injustice's netcode.

The delay is very noticeable.


User Info: GOLD_sonic

4 years ago#7
I play the 360 ver and I've heard people say it's worse on the PS3. I want to buy the PS3 ver since more people play it but if the lag is worse than the 360 ver than that's pretty bad. It's playable on the 360 but it can be a pain at times.
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