They should go the MSHvsSF route

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User Info: Jetanium4

4 years ago#1
Give all characters one assist. No one uses the other two anyway.
The ultimate bad guy joins your team and somehow, in his shifting to the side of good, becomes as weak as an AIDS-ridden kitten.
- SigmaLongshot

User Info: NoizyChild

4 years ago#2
Signature currently under construction.

User Info: christiankid7

4 years ago#3
NoizyChild posted...
The Official ANTI-VENOM of the UMVC3 boards
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User Info: Turlast

4 years ago#4
NoizyChild posted...
The official Chris Redfield of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Board Currently building a solid team for Jill!
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User Info: MMX377

4 years ago#5
NoizyChild posted...
"Get up!! Show me your true power!" Ryu's victory in SF3

User Info: polishenigma

4 years ago#6
NoizyChild posted...
PSN&Steam: ExecutiveDave | Playing: UMVC3 (PS3), TF2 (PC)
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User Info: dawnset

4 years ago#7
It is time to unleash the Wrightness
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User Info: lol_what

4 years ago#8
they should just patch the game to give characters actually good assists

User Info: Greivor

4 years ago#9
NoizyChild posted...
Zero - Making my day since 11/15/11.

User Info: Inyofase

4 years ago#10
That would make umvc3 more balanced.
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