jesus christ @ some Wesker players

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User Info: Greivor

4 years ago#11
TAC's are broken
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User Info: SteLo4122

4 years ago#12
Wesker is one of the most balance character in this game same goes for Nova
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OMEGA RUGAL posted...
Old_Sod posted...
Bigezzay08 posted...
People still play Wesker nude?

All day, brother.

Also, TC is begging for attention to his cute little extension (from the Vanilla era) that is barely worth doing; please feed him more.

I am not sure what is worst ... the people that jumped to conclusions about how "broken" Wesker was or the people that now think he is useless.

Definitely the later, Wesker still gets results
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User Info: Tommy2GoGo

4 years ago#14
It's still amazing how TACs are frowned upon in competitive play.

I use to TAC the hell out of the game.

Now I've learned to win without needing TACs.

As for wesker players?

"Keep a way gun"

I rarely ever see any good weskers.
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  3. jesus christ @ some Wesker players

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