Do you play your planned Ultimate Marvel 3 team?

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User Info: Azumarill12777

4 years ago#21

I only kept Zero.

User Info: Tekknight

4 years ago#22
Sort of Here's my story. I expected Felicia in Vanilla, but was shocked when Tron was added. All I needed was BB Hood and my beloved MvC2 team was back. No such luck. Just as well, my team was centered on THC's and they removed Felicia's kitty litter super and Lunch Rush is not THCable =o(

I like a theme, so day 0 (in store demo) I went for Team Lil Guy: Joe/Arthur/Zero. However, Zero doesn't have a projectile THC =o( So that team was thrown out.

My next team just fell together Phoenix was first because I like how she played. I also thought NO one is going to play Phoenix, her health is too low. I then did the THC test. Who had a full screen projectile super? Morrigan came next, Finishing Shower was full screen and Dark Harmonizer supported Phoenix. Last was Trish for her full screen super. Just so happened I chose three flying sexy ladies with synergy and a full screen THC

When Marvel came out I intended to continue using that same team. However knowing a bit about Rocket Raccoon, I suspected he had a tool I needed. Sure enough good ol' RR had a full screen super in THC. Team Lil Guy was reborn.

So Trish/Phoenix/Morrigan (in that order) is team 1
Joe/Arthur/Rocket Raccoon is my (might use one day team) 2
Gaming is life!

User Info: Nomorice4U

4 years ago#23
My out of the box Vanilla team was either Chris/Mprrigan/Ammy or Joe/Morrigan/Dante. The only one that stuck around was Morrigan. Chris/Dante/Ammy/Joe were too much for me back then.

Now I don't really have a team...but Morrigan is one of my most used. I went back to Chris recently now that I have better execution.

Sadly, when I do want to win, Doom/Vergil comes in which makes my team looks like a total ripoff (not that it matters though since I suck even with).

User Info: Gigaraver

4 years ago#24

Was gonna use Dormammu/Doom/MODOK. Can use the former two decently enough, but had to put MODOK down for a while. Started enjoying other characters and let my MODOK slip. I'll pick him back up at some point when the system becomes more natural to me.
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User Info: SolidAbyss

4 years ago#25
Mine was a mix of frank may cry. Vergil is just not my character, so I chose nova instead which I was interested in.
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