Your first team in each game?

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User Info: dragonsoldier

4 years ago#1
MVC1: I had the playstation version, and if I remember correctly for some reason you could not tag out in it. Anyways I used Morrigan and Chun Li a lot. Psylocke assist is best assist.

MVC2: Magneto/Sentinel/Psylocke It may have been top tier but I sucked at execution back then and had more luck with Cable/Sentinel/CapCom

MVC3: Wesker/Sentinel/Phoenix. If you remember what launch day was like, you can only imagine all the salty hatemail and rage I got.

UMVC3: Wesker/Vergil/Sentinel: Launch day was still about teleports and missles, and hey, I already knew how to use Sent and Wesker and I wanted to use Vergil when he was announced.
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User Info: dawnset

4 years ago#2
MVC1 (Playstation): Jin/Chun-li

MVC2: Hayato/Sakura/Jin

MVC3: X-23/Zero/Tron

UMVC3: PW/Morrigan/Vergil
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User Info: Rotfls

4 years ago#3
MvC1: Spidey/Venom

MvC2: Ken/Felicia/Jill

MvC3: Ryu/Morrigan/Akuma

UMvC3: Morrigan/Akuma/Strider

User Info: djprofessork1

4 years ago#4
MVC1: War Machine/Strider
MVC2: Magneto, Storm, Sentinel
MVC3: Magneto, Storm, Sentinel
UMVC3: Magneto, Storm, Sentinel
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User Info: Alxyjuno

4 years ago#5
Keyword: FIRST lol

MvC: Strider/Morrigan

MvC2: Sakura/B.B.Hood/Spiral and/or Rogue

MvC3: Viper, She-Hulk, Hsien-Ko and/or Dante (edit: forgot Viper was always main lol)

UMvC3: Viper/Trish/Vergil (funnily enough still one of my online bnb's)

User Info: KajinNinja

4 years ago#6
MVC1 = Wolverine/Jin (Juggernaut assist)

MVC2 = Cable/Blackheart/Sentinel

MVC3 = Zero/Dante/Ironman

UMVC3 = Nemesis/Hulk/Sentinel
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User Info: Mista_Klutch

4 years ago#7
MvC: Captain Commando & Megaman/Ryu
MvC 2: Captain Commando| Akuma | Dr. Doom
MvC3: Iron Man | Dormammu | Wesker & Magneto | Akuma | Iron Man
UMvC3: Nova | Dr. Doom | Wesker
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User Info: GalaxorDrone

4 years ago#8
MvC 1 Strider and Megaman

MvC 2 Bison, Silver Samurai, Omega Red

Ruby Heart, Anakaris, Lady with the 6 arms ( fotgot name)

MvC 3: Zero, Tron (Viper),Doom

Shuma, She Hulk, Task Master

Final Team: Hsien Ko, Iron Man, Shuma

Ultimate: Shuma, Tron, Skrull

Shuma, Firebrand, Strange

Now it's only Shuma, Raccoon (MODOK), Strider
Shuma, Raccoon/MODOK, Strider

User Info: Takarimon

4 years ago#9
V Ryu Zero Chris
U Hsien Wright Ryu
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User Info: ProzacStylings

4 years ago#10
X vs SF: Charlie Ken
MvC1: Jin Gambit, w/ Juggernaut
MvsSF: Dan Armored Spidey
MvC2: Hayato Guile Ken
MvC3: Dante Deadpool X-23
Ultimate: Sent Frank Raccoon
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