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User Info: cloud805er

4 years ago#1
I didn't win EVO and hold that 4th place haters

User Info: brandunh11

4 years ago#2
Good job bruh. F*** the haters.

User Info: DeZAdee

4 years ago#3
dude congratulations man. :D
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User Info: catkiller904

4 years ago#4
Congrats on an amazing run, Cloud.
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User Info: BigBlackMarth

4 years ago#5
You put on a great show. Was entertaining as **** to watch. I don't even play Mahvel like that, and I was at the edge of my seat. GG's and I hope you get to go next year.
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User Info: MrMarkPolo

4 years ago#6
Good work man, you have several threads of love and support to check out that occured during your run
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User Info: Mr Bogard

Mr Bogard
4 years ago#7
Dude you brought in the hype and took FChamp out, people were actually cheering for a Zero May Cry team. You even had Yipes stealing some of your Dante Congrats man.
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User Info: BigMan313

4 years ago#8
Nothing but respect, congrats dude
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User Info: Strider Hien

Strider Hien
4 years ago#9
They are replaying your Perfect on Angelic at this moment.

Nothing but Congratulations for you,man.Truly inspirational stuff.
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User Info: TyrekeEvans13

4 years ago#10
I'm posting amongst a legend here
The King of Kings

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