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User Info: sforti01

5 years ago#1
What color skirt do you use to catch the Great White and the Hammerhead?

User Info: BIG4200

5 years ago#2
i caught a s hammerhead using 3 white lures on the south coast, i've also caught a couple using 3 dark purples, i havent caught the great white yet

User Info: PBGamer89

5 years ago#3
Anyone catch a Ocean Sunfish/Mola Mola or Great White yet? Been trying to catch both with no luck.

User Info: PBGamer89

5 years ago#4
Just caught 3 Ocean Sunfish. Ocean West is where I caught it. It also took 2 different skirts for trolling so I don't think it's too particular.

However, the one fish in the north and west coast that is incredibly annoying is the Oilfish. I have caught 13 Oilfish and still have many other Temperate species un-caught while the Oilfish keeps snagging the line.

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