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User Info: Meia_blue

5 years ago#1
Okay, its NOT 100% complete but hopefully it'll help majority of you of right now.

Keeping in mind that I usually fish with normal/red bait, then later on Quick bait and then rainbow bait to help catch these fish. I use lures very rarely. I'm still learning which ones are best and to handle. Every once in a while I'll find an obnoxious fish that wouldn't bite, a lure was in order; but yet when that wouldn't appeal it either, then I switch to Rainbow bait and that'd do the trick. Remember, rod/reel combo affect the size of the fish!

I use this scale for the following: Small is anything less than 1.64ft. Medium is anything between 1.64ft to 3.28ft (although it'll pick up smaller than that too). Large from 3.28ft to 6ft. Anything beyond that is a XL. But this is my own scale imho that works best for me in selecting my rod/reel for these said fish. So far only thing that is definite of size is by bulletin board measurements and bait.

With all that said, I'm doing this by the order of appearance in the Fishing Album that you have in your suitcase in your hotel room. However do keep in mind, some fish can be found in other areas and sometimes with better results! When in doubt, look on your bulletin board and see the target cards for the fish for specific spots and unknown fish you haven't acquired yet. The # reflects their order in the index to be more specific. Thought this would be extra helpful without any further confusion. And finally, S rank is just merely a few inches in difference even from A rank too, so you can count on that final fish you'd want to be in that size. Only HUGE HUGE monsters can jump in feet in rank sizes, not super small ones so don't fret too much on what rod/reel on those. You may even catch much better S ranking fish than I've. I only put in my own examples for what counts for S rank size in my game.

I just got the final rod/reel and the boat so I haven't filled out the oceans just yet! Read from top to bottom of each page. I'd try to keep 3 fish per page (using the text blur on most cases) even with those annoying ones placed in the center folds lol. And to make sure, N = North, S = South, W = West, E = East.
Also known as Philia on backloggery. :)
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User Info: Meia_blue

5 years ago#2
Teman Paradise Beach 100% acquired

Page 1
#171: Blotchy Sillago - S rank 1.07ft - Big Catch Rock/Villa Mirador
#054: Clownfish - S rank 0.60ft - Kayak Center Freedom/Teman Paradise Beach
#123: Royal Angelfish - S rank 1.04ft - Teman Paradise Beach (W)/Pacar Beach (W)
Page 2
#116: Blue Tang - S rank 0.84ft - Kayak Center Freedom/Kayaker's Shallow
#008: Blueface Angelfish - S rank 1.06ft - Teman Paradise Beach (W)/Pacar Beach (W)
#023: Parrotfish - B rank 1.94ft - Kayaker's Shallow
Page 3
#151: Forceps Fish - A rank 0.73ft - Teman Paradise Beach (W)/Pacar Beach (E)
#099: Oriental Butterflyfish - S rank 0.84ft - Shop Waterhouse/Kayak Center Freedom
#101: Moorish Idol - S rank 0.84ft - Kayak Center Freedom/Teman Paradise Beach
Page 4
#191: Lionfish - S rank 1.27ft - Kayak Center Freedom/Teman Paradise Beach (E)
#095: Emperor Angelfish - S rank 1.45ft - Shop Waterhouse/Pacar Beach (E)
#135: Pennant Coralfish - S rank 0.83ft - Shop Waterhouse/Kayak Center Freedom
Page 5
#042: Flounder - S rank 1.70ft - Teman Paradise Beach (E)/Feest Cove
#094: Seahorse - A rank 0.40ft - Teman Paradise Beach (W)/Teman Paradise Beach
#003: Red Stingray - D rank 4.86ft - Teman Paradise Beach (E)
Page 6
#036: Ocellaris Clownfish - B rank 0.36ft - Teman Paradise Beach (W)/Teman Paradise Beach
#148: Halibut - A rank 2.02ft - Feest Cove/Kayaker's Shallow
#052: Longnose Hawkfish - S rank 0.50ft - Shop Waterhouse/Teman Paradise Beach (W)
Page 7
#006: Horse Mackerel - S rank 0.84ft - Big Catch Rock
#009: Sea Eel - S rank 2.11ft - Feest Cove
#195: Black Rockfish - S rank 1.26ft - Big Catch Rock/Golden Cliff
Page 8
#051: Grass Puffer - S rank 0.84ft - Big Catch Rock/Villa Mirador
#004: Japanese Lobster - A rank 0.80ft - Big Catch Rock
#103: Freshwater Prawn - C rank 0.52ft - Big Catch Rock
Page 9
#025: Sardine - S rank 0.84ft - Golden Cliff
#093: Needle Fish - B rank 3.44ft - Golden Cliff
#047: Multicolorfin Rainbow - S rank 1.27ft - Golden Cliff
Page 10
#037: Marbled Rockfish - A rank 1.02ft - Big Catch Rock
#168: Sea Robin - C rank 1.03ft - Feest Cove
#029: Moray Eel - B rank 2.94ft - Big Catch Rock
Page 11
#070: Sea Bass - A rank 2.43ft - Big Catch Rock/Golden Cliff
#033: Demon Stinger - S rank 1.45ft - Big Catch Rock/Golden Cliff
Page 12
#059: Smallscale Blackfish - A rank 1.98ft - Big Catch Rock
#057: Black Porgy - S rank 1.70ft - Big Catch Rock/Golden Cliff
#126: Japanese Bullhead Shark - S rank 4.20ft - Big Catch Rock

Pacar Beach 80% Acquired

Page 13
#194: Black Sea Bream - B rank 1.53ft - Villa Mirador
#022: Dogtooth Tuna - B rank 3.77ft - Shallow Area
#030: Thamnaconus Modestus - A rank 0.98ft - Villa Mirador
Page 14
#066: Calfornia Corbina - S rank 1.48ft - Pacar Beach (E)
#067: Mackerel - A rank 1.20ft - Villa Mirador
#197: Clown Triggerfish - A rank 0.73ft - Pacar Beach (E)
Page 15
#111: Trevally - A rank 3.20ft - Villa Mirador
#038: Bluefin Trevally - A rank 3.63ft - Villa Mirador
Page 16
#020: Rock Porgy - D rank 1.51ft - Pacar Beach (W)
#170: Bonefish - A rank 2.44ft - Shallow Area
Also known as Philia on backloggery. :)
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User Info: Meia_blue

5 years ago#3
Dua Ribu Lake 80% Acquired

Page 17
#162: Bluegill - S rank 1.27ft - Lodge Lakeside/Dua Ribu Eyelet
#013: American Pickerel - S rank 2.06ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet
#115: Catfish - A rank 2.05ft - Red Windmill/Northern River (Downstream)
Page 18
#177: White Perch - S rank 1.27ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet
#083: Smallmouth Bass - S rank 1.66ft - Lodge Lakeside/Dua Ribu Eyelet
Page 19
#202: Black Bass - A rank 1.92ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet
#203: Snakehead - B rank 2.30ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet/Northern River (Downstream)
Page 20
#145: Bigmouth Buffalo - S rank 4.25ft - Red Windmill
#084: Smallmouth Buffalo - S rank 4.14ft - Red Windmill
Page 21
#018: Yellow Bullhead - A rank 1.63ft - Blue Windmill
#155: Brown Bullhead - C rank 1.08ft - Blue Windmill
Page 22
#178: Murray Cod - C rank 3.24ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet
#215: Longnose Gar - C rank 4.12ft - Red Windmill
Page 23-24
#200: Wels Catfish - D rank 4.61ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet (North)
Page 25-26
#005: Acanthodes - C rank 1.06ft - Dua Ribu Eyelet

Kanan Lake 65% Acquired

Page 27
#154: Brown Trout - S rank 1.03ft - Big Kanan (S)/Kerikil Calm (Downstream)
#207: Lake Trout - A rank 2.05ft - Big Kanan (S)
#027: Walleye - S rank 3.39ft - Foliage Gate
Page 28
#044: Brook Trout - B rank 1.50ft - Big Kanan (S)/Kerikil Rapids (Downstream)
#129: Burbot - D rank 2.60ft - Kanan Railway
Page 29
#081: Steelhead - C rank 2.43ft - Big Kanan (N)
Page 30
#124: Rainbow Trout - S rank 1.68ft - East SpBACONBACONBACONBACON Rock/Kerikil Waterfall
Page 31-32

Kerikil River 20% acquired

Page 33
#198: Japanese Salmon - C rank 1.05ft - Kerikil Calm (Downstream)/Kerikil Calm (Upstream)
Page 34
Page 35-36

Tidur River 60% acquired

Page 37
#185: Yellowfin Goby - A rank 0.61ft - Villa Mirador/Southern River (Downstream)
#153: Crucian Carp - A rank 1.02ft - Southern River (Upstream)/Northern River (Upstream)
#024: Japanese Huchen - S rank 4.14ft - Northern River (Upstream)
Page 38
#175: Striped Mullet - S rank 0.63ft - Villa Mirador/Southern River (Downstream)
#180: Magoi - S rank 2.49ft - Southern River (Upstream)/Northern River (Upstream)
Page 39
#078: Chum Salmon - S rank 2.47ft - Kanan Eyelet/Southern River (Downstream)
#049: Silver Salmon - S rank 2.54ft - Reed Point/Southern River (Upstream)
Page 40
#165: Male Sockeye Salmon - S rank 2.08ft - Reed Point/Southern River (Downstream)
Page 41
#085: Grass Carp - A rank 5.71ft - Tidur Waterfall
#002: Black Carp - C rank 5.34ft - Tidur Waterfall
Page 42
Page 43-44
Also known as Philia on backloggery. :)
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User Info: Meia_blue

5 years ago#4
Panas Jungle 80% Acquired

Page 45
#146: Piranha - B rank 1.14ft - Rootroof Stream
#201: Armored Catfish - A rank 0.60ft - Emerald Marsh
#035: Cardinal Tetra - S rank 0.21ft - Emerald Marsh
Page 46
#007: Apapa - A rank 2.58ft - Rootroof Stream
#114: PeaBACONBACONBACONBACON Bass - S rank 3.08ft - Panas Lake/Craigie Stream
#163: Payara - B rank 3.05ft - Emerald Marsh
Page 47
#010: African Pike - A rank 1.84ft - Rootroof Stream
#210: Redtail Catfish - S rank 4.12ft - Mangrove Pool
Page 48
#132: Pacu - A rank 0.81ft - Rootroof Stream
#015: Arowana - A rank 4.09ft - Emerald Marsh
Page 49
#014: Alligator Gar - S rank 9.96ft - Mangrove Pool
#156: Platinum Alligator Gar - D rank 7.40ft - Mangrove Pool
#149: Pirarucu - S rank 15.24ft - Panas Lake/Panas Waterfall
Page 50
#109: Dorado - E rank 2.94ft - Emerald Marsh
Page 51-52

Malam Jungle 95% Acquired

Page 53
#053: Guppy - S rank 0.21ft - Twin Rock Stream
#157: Platinum Guppy - A rank 0.20ft - Twin Rock Stream
#136: Butterfly Fish - A rank 0.81ft - Twin Rock Stream
Page 54
#106: Betta - A rank 0.33ft - Twin Rock Stream
#031: Elephantnose Fish - A rank 1.02ft - Shak Garden Stream
Page 55
#160: Ocellated Snakehead - S rank 1.26ft - Shak Garden Stream
#001: Channa Lucius - S rank 1.47ft - Malam Mountain (S)
#107: Giant Snakehead - S rank 2.95ft - Malam Mountain (E)
Page 56
#176: Polypterus - S rank 2.54ft - Malam Mountain (W)/Malam Mountain (N)
#212: Royal Knife Fish - S rank 1.68ft - Malam Mountain (S)
Page 57
#138: Papuan Black Bass - S rank 4.20ft - Malam Outlet
#089: Tigerfish - S rank 4.93ft - Malam Mountain (W)/Malam Mountain (N)
Page 58
#112: Nile Perch - S rank 6.25ft - Malam Mountain (W)/Malam Mountain (S)
#140: Barramundi - B rank 5.50ft - Malam Outlet
Page 59-60

Tropical/Temperate/Frigid Oceans - to be updated later! I just got my own boat lmao. I wasn't a fan of Trolling tours and I didn't do a lot of ferry boating either.

Sembilan Island - 60%
#016: Eastern Blue Devil Fish - A rank 1.60ft
#096: Giant Grouper - A rank 8.08ft
#137: Pink Anemonefish - C rank 0.27ft
#199: Red-bellied Fusilier - A rank 1.43ft

Sepuluh Island - to be updated later!

Safir Cave - 70%
#100: Football Fish - D rank 1.31ft
#204: Frilled Shark - D rank 5.96ft
#086: Pudgy Cuskeel - A rank 7.92ft
#196: Flapjack Octopus - S rank 0.83ft
#205: King of Herrings - B rank 19.71ft

Gunan Es River & Remak Es Lake
#172: Arctic Grayling - S rank 1.68ft
#127: Northern Pike - S rank 4.20ft
#048: King Salmon - B rank 3.67ft

Patarpa River & Rahaja Lake
#211: Lenok - S rank 2.10ft
#012: Amur Pike - B rank 3.14ft/
#117: Showa Koi - C rank 2.02ft
#122: Tancho Koi - A rank 2.45ft
#120: Kohaku Koi - D rank 1.81ft
#121: Akamuji Koi - A rank 2.41ft
#118: Shiroutsuri Koi - C rank 2.13ft

Special - LOL who knows. These are downloaded fish as far as I know.
Also known as Philia on backloggery. :)
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User Info: PBGamer89

5 years ago#5
Wow! This is awesome! Thanks for doing this.

I noticed you caught the Acanthodes in Dua Ribu Lake. This has been one of the many fish that has still eluded me. I notice it says it's caught in the Eyelet. What part of the eyelet did you get it? On Land? Northern? West? East

User Info: Meia_blue

5 years ago#6
I honestly don't remember. :( I know I was trying to hunt down any of the fish actually (Buffalos actually now that I think about it) lol and I just figured to try a lure and got this little guy. I also don't remember the lure I used but I believe it was a floater type or a slow sinker type.
Also known as Philia on backloggery. :)
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User Info: Meia_blue

5 years ago#7
Oh herp derp, I see I missed the filter the other website caused. Much apologies, here's the fixes.

#124: Rainbow Trout - S rank 1.68ft - East Sparse Rock/Kerikil Waterfall

#114: Peacock Bass - S rank 3.08ft - Panas Lake/Craigie Stream
Also known as Philia on backloggery. :)
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User Info: docheadshot

5 years ago#8
Hello guys,

did somebody of you catch a red sea breem on Pacar Beach?
I cannot find it and I spent a couple of hours by searching for this kind of fish.
The black sea breem was no problem.
Please help me.



User Info: PBGamer89

5 years ago#9
I got the Red Sea Bream in the Villa Mirador area. Rent a kayak and go out aways, almost near the edge of the rocks on the left. The fish underwater will even have a hint of red in it, so look for that. In terms of bait, try something M-L. Also, try looking at the bulletin board to see if they post a Red Sea Bream as a target to tell you exactly what size bait to use, but it is definitely in Villa Mirador on the left side where you rent the kayaks, near the edge of the rocks.

User Info: docheadshot

5 years ago#10
Thx a lot. The Red Sea Breams are exactly where you discribed it. I caught one of them. Regards
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