So, this is pretty much the best fishing game, right?

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  3. So, this is pretty much the best fishing game, right?

User Info: xLittlekillx

4 years ago#1
I only started fishing in real life last summer, and mostly my friends and I would go to the river at night and just sit back in our chairs and BS and occasionally reel in a spotted gar or a catfish. But yeah, it's definitely my favorite activity now.

I just recently got the Wii U, and I went through the wii backlog to see if there's anything I should play, found fishing resort and haven't looked back. I love it because there's so much to do. There's exploration, free-roam fishing, and you get to catch monsters from the ocean and the jungle.

Are there any other fishing games that even compare to this, or did I start off with the best?

User Info: ac_helper

4 years ago#2
My opinion: you started with the best. I tried Fishing Master, but never got into it like I did with this. The fish shadows in that game were all the same size, and the area was only around the islands that make up Japan. I never did try Fishing Master: World Tour, so can't say anything about that one.

The various bass fishing games seem to have low reviews for different reasons; many seem to be almost unplayable in how they implement one thing or another for motion control (mostly casting, if they use motion control for that).

Some "outdoor adventure" type games (such as anything with "Cabela's" or "Bass Pro Shops" in the title) may have fishing in them, as well as hunting, but I can't say anything about the Wii titles. I only have one PS2 game of this type, and found it a little TOO realistic, as I kept scaring away the deer (when I actually found any!)

So I would say I hope you will you get many hours of enjoyment from Fishing Resort. If you find you need any help that the FAQs don't have an answer for, I keep an eye on this board so you can ask here if you need to. Happy fishing!
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User Info: Skygor_II

4 years ago#3
Fishing Resort [Wii] is currently the best fishing game out there. The next one is Sega Bass Fishing [Dreamcast]. The one after that surprisingly is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64, 3DS]. Even though it's a minigame, fishing aficionados love it. It's simple but pure fun gameplay.

User Info: magiccube4527

4 years ago#4
By far the best fishing game. I was never into fishing games in general, but this game hooked me instantly. I know, bad pun.

User Info: bleedingelite

4 years ago#5
While I'm here, how do I go ice fishing in this game?

User Info: Skygor_II

4 years ago#6
One of the resorts (on the north side of the island) has ice fishing as an event you sign up for the day. One of them is a minigame for smelting. The other is just an actual beach at an polar river.

User Info: deathsmiles

4 years ago#7
The best fishing game I've ever played is Bassin's Black Bass for SNES. I haven't played Fishing Resort yet though, so it might be better, but I doubt it.
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User Info: TheBitBandit

4 years ago#8
Yup, I agree with the others that Fishing Resort is the best fishing game on the Wii.

I've completed Fishing Master and enjoyed that too, but it's not as good as Fishing Resort. It's got the "gotta catch em all" mentality, which I like, but there's no free roaming and no other activities to do. There are quests but just of the sort where you have to find a particular fish. Fishing Master is probably easier than Fishing Resort, some of the rare fish in Fishing Resort took me ages to catch!

I've put together a FAQ for Fishing Master, because it was missing one. The FAQ for Fishing Resort is very good.

I'm about to start playing Fishing Master World Tour, but I expect it to be pretty much the same as Fishing Master but with world-wide locations (Fishing Master is just around Japan).

Both Fishing Master games are cartoon-like, like Fishing Resort, while other games try to be more realistic looking.

There is another interesting looking game that I've got but that I haven't got around to playing yet: Shimano Xtreme Fishing. Apparently it has a free-roaming boat and you can also scuba dive with a spear gun. Reviews generally give it a 5 out of 10.

I also have Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream (again I haven't got around to playing this yet, too many other good games to play!) This one looks more realistic looking and gets a 6 out of 10.

User Info: wanderz

4 years ago#9
i think this may very well be the best fishing game, and very underrated..

i never even heard of it until just recently.

the number of types of fish you can catch is amazing.
the different locations altho on and around the same island are nice.

running your own aquarium, and not a fish tank, but a full family attraction $50+ per visit walk around gigantic tanks of fish aquarium!! is in my opinion awesome.

the controls are pretty good to... it seems it suggest that you need a motion plus controller, but you don't.
anyway, back to fishing. :)
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  3. So, this is pretty much the best fishing game, right?

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