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User Info: mvwhalley

4 years ago#1
Does anyone know what fish #72 is and where to locate it?

User Info: ac_helper

4 years ago#2
This is my exact post from the bottom of my current topic, as I answered your question there:

mvwhalley: fish #72, according to my notes, is the Coelacanth - found in Safir Cave; a password fish only. To release it, use this password:


One of the archived topics here has all the fish passwords; someone was nice and "found" them for everyone. Here it is:

The second post says which fish are released from what password. Tip: if you are going for S ranked fish, it may not be a good idea to release some of them, as they are more common and interfere with "normal" fish (mainly talking about the Sailfish).

By the way, you posted the last in that topic...didn't you get all the passwords then?
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