First impressions.

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User Info: pots555

5 years ago#1
I bought this game knowing full well that it was not perfect. The few reviews out there are tearing it apart. Well, here are my first impressions for those who care.

1. The graphics are pretty good quality for a budget title. The Alaskan landscape is well represented and the character models are acceptable.

2. The gameplay is solid, but you have to get use to it. The aiming reticule is very sensitive and you can't adjust it. I had troubles with my first encounters with the wolves. But, I got used to it eventually. The platforming sections remind me a lot of Uncharted, but they are not as smooth. The button layout is kind of weird. But, unlike Uncharted, you have to look around to find ledges. I mean, they are not as visible and obvious.

3. The story, so far, is interesting. I want to know what's going to happen, so that's positive. The dialogues are average at best but the sound effects are really good. The animals are really aggressive and they sound like they are out to tear you apart.

So far, that's it. I am a big fan of these "cult" games (Shadows of the Damned, Deadly Premonitions) so my opinion is biased. Hope this helps if you are on the fence.

User Info: pots555

5 years ago#2
Well, good game until the end but way too short. I'll replay it eventually, but not worth the full price.

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