Oh god just got my first nut shot

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User Info: Xerosnake90

5 years ago#1
Sweet lord that was disturbing. Was almost 200 meters away and I was just starting out, shooting randomly at someone in the back after I got spotted. Was about to reset the demo when I had a kill cam and nuked the guy's nuts. Now THAT is horrible..
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User Info: Cancerbeater

5 years ago#2
I haven't got one yet.
I spent 2 hours aiming at them with no such luck.

User Info: TheCrazedMadman

5 years ago#3
Got it on my first shot....ever. Lets just say this game made an awesome first impression.

....havent been able to do it again though
......now, where was I?

User Info: DanKiller7

5 years ago#4
I've gotten 3 and they've all been on the first sniper. The first shot makes him stumble then get into a crouching position, then aim for the balls again and it clears them both ha.
Collateral Shot! This is too easy..

User Info: WingZero0782

5 years ago#5
How do you do it, where do you aim? I've tried multiple times and failed (I did see them explode when I hit the soldier's grenade).
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User Info: KaizerFree

5 years ago#6
I shot plenty of guys in the balls 80% of them were completely random shots fired, but only one of them I enjoyed, yet at the same time feel sorry for. It was when I was sniping at the VIP and as he ran away from me, I fire my last bullet before I had to reload, the kill cam following my bullet as usual lead me to his butt and from there straight to his balls and they popped. For 3 minutes, I did nothing but had my mouth open while still getting shot.
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  3. Oh god just got my first nut shot

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