Best sniper maps/spots

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User Info: WFUDEAC00

5 years ago#1
So I'm taking advantage of Feliz Noobidad to practice my nonexistent sniping skills. So far I'm using the Barrett but I'll probably try out some bolt action rifles later. Couple of questions:

1) Which maps are the best to snipe on?
2) Which ones are the worst (i.e. don't even think about using a sniper rifle here)
3) on the good sniper maps, where are some of the best spots to snipe?

So far I'm just experimenting with where to go for the action. I hate picking a spot and then waiting while all the action takes place somewhere else.
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User Info: KoD_zodiac

5 years ago#2
I move alot when I snipe, but for spots I can say I've had a little success from the house by B flag in Fallen and the bunker on Outpost.
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User Info: StormShreds

5 years ago#3
Best map to snipe IMO:
Worst map to snipe IMO:

Village has a couple of good sniping spots: one is an elevated lump of ground, sort of like a hill, you'll know which one is, the other one is a tree trunk, u can't miss that one.

Bootleg has 2 very long corridors outside of the main plaza building, place yourself on any end of these to score easy kills

Bakaara has a bunch of sniping vistas, try any second floor room with a window XD

Interchange is one of the most sniper friendly due to its lack of cover areas, camp on dark spots and use the long sightlines to your advantage.

Hardhat might be unfriendly for snipers but it's got a couple of good places to snipe, one is near the entrance to the pipe where there's a lot of player transit and the other one is a long sightline that heads to the northeast part of the map.

Resistance has a couple good spots, one is the north terrace of the cafe plaza (it faces the t-shirt store) and the other one is the south terrace leading to the open area near the cafe plaza.

those are the places i know XD i'm sure there are a lot more, so expect more answers from the other guys. Happy sniping! :D

User Info: Astro_B0mb

5 years ago#4
Pretty much every map except Dome and somewhat Hardhat are good for snipers. You might also have trouble on Arkaden, but it's possible.
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User Info: Arcanine2009

5 years ago#5
Best maps to snipe(well, my favorite maps to snipe):

Bakaara, Mission, Resistance

It's definitely possible to snipe in every other map. With Dome, use ACOG. I like camping the C flag bunker area :P
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User Info: BrewCityBandit

5 years ago#6
Every map is pretty decent to snipe on really. If you're in a party and they offer support Dome can be an exceptionally good map to snipe on. With randoms it's probably best avoided though!

My best advice, try not to stay in the same place very long, and when you move, situate yourself with a line of sight to where you just were.That way you can peg them off again when they come to get their revenge. rinse and repeat. Also, look for spots that aren't overused by snipers. With all the rubble and whatnot it's pretty easy to find inconspicuous places with good lines of sight.This way you aren't so obvious or anticipated.

Have fun but screw using acog. The variable zoom offers the same magnification as the acog but also gives you two higher magnifications to choose from, and this can be tactically advantageous. I really find acog sniping laughable, but to each their own.

User Info: BirdPwNz100

5 years ago#7
I only use ex mags and regular scope on my sexy MSR.
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User Info: WFUDEAC00

5 years ago#8
Thanks, what about Downturn? Also, why the hate for ACOG? Just curious.
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