wii freeze????

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User Info: gap300789

5 years ago#1
had 3 wii freeze in the last 4 days each time resulting in data corruption of my file?

first time was level 52 - fuming

second time level 27 - not happy

today level 17 - whatever

anyone know how or why this is happening? is there anything i can do to stop this happening?

on a plus note it took me an hour to get to level 17 this time round - starting to get better now

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User Info: ZvolTx

5 years ago#2
Details on what was happening during freeze please. (Maps, mode, etc)
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User Info: kuragari1anonly

5 years ago#3
Take breaks?
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User Info: swisskdl

5 years ago#4
Are you somehow playing on a previous build of the game? What version does it say your game is?
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User Info: jasongm

5 years ago#5
The Wii isn't built to handle so much processing, it is wise to take breaks during play time.

User Info: gap300789

5 years ago#6
probably playing for 4 hours solid ish, as i am constantly made host i think i my wii is constantly processing data/carrying the other players - i get a lot of lag during helicopter runs from any players in game

i am not sure what map i was playing at the time, where do i find out what version i am playing
Ally code - scouser GE 3563-9838-9756

User Info: GuerillaGorilla

5 years ago#7
I play for 10 hours straight or more. Never had I have the Wii freeze in all of MW3. Except that one time we were playing in a party, someone got a MOAB, and then EVERYONE froze.
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User Info: SilentXwing

5 years ago#8
The only thing i can say is...Do you think it's how old the Wii is? (IF that's the case)

User Info: Mac-Leoid

5 years ago#9
Never had a freeze yet. But I almost never play more than three matches in a row and never have the Wii on for more than a couple of hours at a time.
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