Consider the switch to Ghosts...

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User Info: Cubfan082

3 years ago#1 the event you live in a closet, the Nintendo WiFI network, which is what host the game servers for MWR / Black Ops / MW3ii to be played online is being shut down in May, just before the launch of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U. Between this board and the other Wii COD boards there are as many as 10k players who still game online with these CoD games.

It would be a good thing for the future of Call of Duty on the Nintendo platform with Mote and Chuck controlls if a good portion of you would migrate over to play Call of Duty Ghosts.

Yes keep in mind, it is the IW game so it is indeed much similar to MW3 in style and feel, but Ghosts is the current game and it did not sell all that well on the U, putting the future of CoD on Nintendo systems in jeopardy. Now is a good time to buy a RETAIL copy of this title, the online is topping out at about 2 to 2.5 K people on the weekend, which is terrible, but if an influx of even half the amount of players who still play the old Wii games where to occur that would make a huge difference in not only quality of game but the population of game modes.

If you can find the scratch, do what you can to get on the Wii U if you like this style of play, otherwise you will be needing to learn the dual analog controls on a different console...
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User Info: GrayMuse

3 years ago#2

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User Info: like2nap

3 years ago#3
Yes. Upgrade and get Ghosts. It even got a DLC map! If you like MW3 then you'll like Ghosts even more. The Wii remote controls are excellent. Best in the series. Yes even better than this game.

The more people buy it, the better the chance of getting future COD titles on Wii U. The online for this game is going away. Get Ghosts!

User Info: CitizenSoldier3

3 years ago#4
No, few reasons why.

You guys complain every new cod is worse then the previous title.

Previous experience in mwr/black ops/mw3 the top player in lobby gets hosed with 3-4 handicap teammates.

Dumb players that cant handle getting beat, teamkill in hc modes.

Once may 20th hits you guys will get more of those kinds of players, why would I want that all over again? Only reason i'd ever think of getting a wii u now is to keep steamrolling the people that think i've been cheating, but of course they'd claim I figured out how to hack the wii u. So unless I get it as a gift, enjoy the adult children when they show up. Please record audio/text of humor, as thats the only reason I still play mw3.

User Info: KingNephys

3 years ago#5
I just wish they made it so that you could add allies without them adding onto your actual console..I've made some real life friends through Mw3 (without a mic or anything :p ) and the first year or so it was out there was a great community, finding glitches, hacked private matches, and just having fun in's something I really wish they kept in Bo2 and then in Ghosts :/ I've not added a signal person, and haven't had a singles formed request in all of my time on Bo2..the community sucks if that's what you'd call it D:

But if everybody else is getting Ghosts I'm all for it :D
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User Info: MawiocUdwoc

3 years ago#6
CitizenSoldier3 posted...
Previous experience in mwr/black ops/mw3 the top player in lobby gets hosed with 3-4 handicap teammates.

This, seriously. I'm not even that great but I swear that most of the time, the matchmaking works in a way that it always puts me with the worst players of the lobby, no matter the game. And if for some reason I switch teams in the next match, what happens? My former enemies, now teammates, get beaten by the same "sucky" teammates I had before so I lose the match either way.

I usually didn't mind as much because I still got a lot of kills and challenges, but I wanted to win more often. Personally, I won't miss online modes in games that much so I have no hurry to switch to next-gen consoles, I still have lots of games to play in the meantime; what I will miss is online-only content (unlockables, achievements, extra stuff...) that can't be gotten in other ways.
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