Symbiosis Quest, glitched? Cant find Bullymong-riding midget

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User Info: Mass_Effect_757

4 years ago#1
I accepted this quest from Sir Hammerlock early in the game, I made it to Santuary and then used quick travel to come back to Southern Shelf-Bay to complete "Symbiosis" quest which has you track down and kill a Bullymang-riding midget. I see the quest marker, but I searched everywhere and do not see him at all. I was wondering is this quest glitched, since I went to Santuary (moved along in the story) and try to come back to this early quest.

I looked everywhere in this little bandit viillage place and cant find him.

User Info: bros15p

4 years ago#2
You need to open the 2 big doors at the top, where the maker for the quest is

User Info: Joker4515

4 years ago#3
He is at the top of the little tower area, if I remember correctly you have to destroy a door or something and then he pops out.
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User Info: Arsenal0602

4 years ago#4
Open up a door all the way up top and he will pop out, he runs all over the place so I lost him for a bit then he shows back up, I think he actually jsut fell to the bottom of the platform.

User Info: Kilir91

4 years ago#5
I just walked TOWARDS the door and it burst open, and he popped out.
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User Info: LoneWolf4545

4 years ago#6
Im not sure if it's glitches in your game but it wasn't in mine. I also made it to sanctuary and did a quest or two before going back and doing that one.

I I remember correctly the midget is inside of a building and you either have to go next to the door or open it for it to come out. It's also on the highest level there I believe so make sure you are up high.
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User Info: Xero_Starre

4 years ago#7
In the cove, you need to get to the highest level of the northern side of the cove, the side where the cult of the vault hunter is located.
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User Info: Mass_Effect_757

4 years ago#8
great, thanks guys, the quest trigger was above me the whole time, missed a set of stairs.
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  3. Symbiosis Quest, glitched? Cant find Bullymong-riding midget

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