Cell 4 in Damn Fine Rescue

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User Info: TheDragonMarked

5 years ago#1
How do you open the cell next to Rolan with the weapons crate?
Gt: thedragonmarked

User Info: Silent_Pete

5 years ago#2
Climb the ladder, walk across the catwalk towards the entrance of the room, jump over the railing and walk across the pipes to the office and in there will be a switch to open the door.

User Info: Deekon1965

5 years ago#3
In the cell block where Roland and the chests are, I believe it early on, is a way to jump up to the piping overhead. Just get up there and follow the pipe away from Roland's location . It'll lead you to a room with cell door toggles, just flip them all and the doors will open up.

User Info: gangoplush

5 years ago#4
there is also a vault symbol in the room with the switches :)
i dont think he was trolling, i think he just isnt very smart and didnt understand
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