What to spend eridium on after maxxed?

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  3. What to spend eridium on after maxxed?

User Info: srhodes1010

4 years ago#1
So i litterally have 2 more upgrades for my sniper and then im done with the black market.

My friends have serious slot addiction so no doubt i will be done with this by today.

Im trying to figure out what else can i do with eridium after the black market upgrades have been maxxed out

User Info: Takusho

4 years ago#2
Eat it like Lillith.

Lillith knows best.
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User Info: R4NDOMGUY

4 years ago#3
I believe you need Eridium to fight the end-end-game bosses, like Terramorphus the Invincible.
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User Info: Joker4515

4 years ago#4
Yeah I think the only use for it after getting all the SDUs is to fight Terramorphous.

That will probably be changed in DLC though.
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  3. What to spend eridium on after maxxed?

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