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User Info: BunnyTech

6 years ago#1
Guns/melee weapons/grenade mods, all that. What're we expecting? What do you /think/ will be in Borderlands 2? What do you /want/ in Borderlands 2?

I know they're making the brands more . . . noticeable this time around. I honestly was quite shocked when, in an interview, it was said that no one really realized the difference between gun brands. Then again, everyone tells me I'm addicted to this game, so I should apparently notice everything about it that everyone else considers miniscule. Anyway.

Other official stuff, rumours?

They totally re-did the weapon system and whatnot, but I still hope there's an insane amount of guns. I love collecting, comparing, and selling.

User Info: TheGamerGod____

6 years ago#2
Now hear me out.


That, FIRE, guns. Or midget guns, that are actually capable of shooting midgets, while they they're shot from the gun shooting gun.

Sounds awesome, right?
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User Info: tDarkNinjat

6 years ago#3
This may come as a shock, but I am expecting there to be guns.
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User Info: BunnyTech

6 years ago#4
Oh, really funny.

User Info: SrgSkittles

6 years ago#5
I'm pretty sure miniguns will be in it, and I might have seen a grenade launcher, and eridian artifacts won't just add elemental effects to your special attack, I'm hoping they make eridian weapons worth using in this one, like if they come up with an awesome weapon that doesn't fit anywhere else then make it an eridian gun
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User Info: Breaker Blade

Breaker Blade
6 years ago#6
So a gun that shoots guns? I think that we're due for more grenade launchers as mentioned, possibly as its own weapon type. I'm really interested in the "gyrojets" that they talked about - is it going to be like a flurry of rockets, or just a different name for rockets? I also expect that we'll see laser weaponry, but who knows how they'll implement it.
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User Info: BunnyTech

6 years ago#7
Yeah I heard something about miniguns. The Eridian weapons were cool to look at and all, but it was like, two shots and it had to recharge or somethin'. I think we should be able to get a little more out of it than just that. And yeah, they should give them a little more variety.

I haven't heard a thing about those "gyrojets" before you've mentioned them. I'll have to go look into this a little more. And aren't the Eridian weapons kinda like laser things? Well, more like energy blasts and lighting and the like - unless, by laser, you meant something that shoots laser beams. Instead of shooting energy bullets, holding down the trigger would produce one laser until you let go. And you could buy like . . some type of fuel for it instead of actual bullets. That'd be interesting.
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