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User Info: SrgSkittles

6 years ago#1
You see a skag come out of a skag hole and look around a bit. It appears to see something, roars at it, starts to move towards it, and then gets nailed by a rocket and gets blown to bits. The camera pans over to show the (INSERT WHATEVER THE CHARACTERS AS A GROUP ARE CALLED (i.e. vault hunters) HERE) fighting in Jack's arena, it zooms in on each one to highlight their unique skill (for example, it would zoom in on the gunzerker and show him killing enemies with duel wield weapons). After they're done with the round they all stand in a row, at this point you would pick you character, after picking you play the final round, you would have a pretty good shield and gun, once you beat the round and Jack exiles you to the tundra they are taken away, or at least the shield is, or maybe they give you a weak pistol to "defend" yourself with, you know like being marooned.
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User Info: tDarkNinjat

6 years ago#2
I actually like it.
why is it that if TROLLS are semi-literate that all they seem to be able to do is make random grunts and roars.

User Info: montikid

6 years ago#3
they all should be different tbh :3
i love her <3
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