Creature Slaughter Dome Info?

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User Info: Proxgotsthafia

5 years ago#1
Has Gearbox released any more info on the Creature Slaughter Dome (the GameStop pre-order bonus)? I'm really looking to find out:
1) What the hell it is. All I've heard is the name and that you fight stuff (duh).
2) Whether or not it'll be available as DLC later.

I suppose #2 is really the most important, as I would really rather pre-order from Amazon. If this extra area will be DLC for everyone later, I'll be better off just buying it from the marketplace.
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User Info: ssj5king

5 years ago#2
They haven't said anything about it yet, hell they haven't even told us what DLC the 2 special versions are getting.
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User Info: gameslicker

5 years ago#3
here's something you could do:

pre order/purchase the game from gamestop a couple of days before release, pick it up at release, go home and download the code, return the game the next day without opening it, full refund AND you have free stuff

User Info: xadamlazzara

5 years ago#4
if i remember correctly, you fight stuff, gain xp, and it carries over to the main game
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User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

5 years ago#5
^ ya im pretty sure i heard that it gives XP, unlike the underdome. lemme search around and see if i can find the article.

heres the (scant) info i found.

User Info: Proxgotsthafia

5 years ago#6
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
heres the (scant) info i found.

Thanks for the link. It does say the Dome will be DLC for those who don't get it as a bonus.

In addition, the Creature Slaughter Dome will be made available to all Borderlands 2 players in the months following launch, with the exact details still to be determined.

I'm not going to hold my breath, but I wouldn't be surprised if they release it for free in the download that adds the Mechromancer.
Pokemon White FC: 3739-9292-5241
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