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User Info: olmansilverpant

5 years ago#1

Level cap is 50

So there are Unlockable skins to customize your character you can get from quests and rarely loot. +1 Gearbox

There is a new set of skills called your badass rank you get for completing challenges that allow you to permanently increase certain stats not just with your character but any character you choose to create as well. This will be done randomly in the form of when you use a badass point the game will randomly choose 5 different stats and you can increase one of the 5 chosen by the computer( recoil,max health,Fire rate). There is an option to turn this off .

The strange thing is Golden Loot Chests/Keys. Apparently these are going to be UBER rare. I mean like rare to the point you have to go to a Gearbox hosted event and you can get a code to DL a golden key. The golden keys are the only thing that will unlock a golden loot chest. Whats inside has not been confirmed
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User Info: Ninja_Gaignun

5 years ago#2
We have known this for a few weeks. You should check out the info roundup on the official boards, it lists about 200 features.
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User Info: DarkCaptain3

5 years ago#3
Yeah we all knew this specially the golden key and golden loot chests as you get one of a key for preordering the game it tells us this.
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