Why do peoplpe not like Moxxis and also compare it to slaugther dome?

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  3. Why do peoplpe not like Moxxis and also compare it to slaugther dome?

User Info: Assassin_X_Geth

5 years ago#1
1. Moxxis was not terrible. Most people I knwo rushed through it instead of noticing you do get rewards for it. After every round items would appear in the spawn area. Also it gained you XP, which if you were lower level helped alot. It was more of a "Prove your skill" DLC. Which I loved playing with my friends.

2. Slaughter Dome is not Moxxis. For those who complain about it, Gearbox said you acutally get rewards now in it. Also how can anyone say its like Moxxis if they haven't played it yet? Its like saying the new consoles suck even though we haven't even heard about them yet.

Or its like saying the next COD will suck...oh wait, nevermind thats actually true. >.>
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User Info: tzar_666

5 years ago#2
what are peoplpe ande who is moxxis ?
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User Info: PhilR1

5 years ago#3
If you're talking about the arena DLC, I hated it because it was practically impossible to complete on your own. You also had to complete each area in one go and there was no checkpoints. You died? Start again from scratch.

I think I managed to complete two of the first areas and gave up after that.

Yes I know it is a multiplayer shooter where 4 people can play but it is not always possible to have three friends available to spend so much time completing all the arenas. Plus I've not got Live so I will never complete it!
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User Info: FrostyZaimok

5 years ago#4
So, you know they're both arenas yet you ask why people compare them.
My mind rebelled at just how stupid the question is.
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User Info: mst3kfan78

5 years ago#5
Moxxi did not net you any XP after rounds. You got some XP for turning in the mission of doing the three different maps.

That was my issue with the Moxxi DLC. You really didn't get anything for your time other than some weapons (most I got all sucked), a small amount of XP (not enough in my opinion), and after completing the challenges for it I believe you got one or two additional spaces for your backpack.

The one thing that would have made it so much better was if you were able to get Gun experience in the arena. You wind up killing so many damn things doing all the challenges and your gun experience doesn't budge. If that had been added it would have been worth it. Now with these arenas that they are adding it will be great since we can now earn XP and Badass ranks along with items and I can't wait to play them.
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User Info: Chuck_Bosworth

5 years ago#6
I'm not concerned about the arenas in Borderlands 2 because I doubt Gearbox will repeat its mistakes from Moxxi.
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User Info: IceDragon77

5 years ago#7
Completing all 3 gave you a free skill point. So if you did it on play through 1 and 2, you got 2 free skill points.

Honestly, the arena sucked. The first game had enemies with way too much health. I did like the bank system though.

User Info: GujinKami

5 years ago#8
The Underdome was painfully boring. I fell asleep through a runthrough once.
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User Info: ultimakewl

5 years ago#9
i really enjoyed the underdome DLC

but it was very limited
there was no story
there was only the one quest
it seemed like it was just something they threw together just to make people pay for a bank

but i liked the arenas
the various waves in each round were different and fun
the 'challenges' were interesting and either made it more challenging or just hilarious
but there was no real exp gain, the gun "rewards" at the end of each round were below average

and then the bigger 20 round games were so excruciating
the 5 rounders already took 1 to 1.5 hours to do
there was no check points, even just one after round 10 would have saved so much frustration

ultimately it was fun but it was unrewarding and seemed like something they threw together without much thought or care
im sure i could find more reasons to disregard everything you said as the incoherent ramblings of a 7 year old with no friends but i dont have the time

User Info: WalkingTaffle

5 years ago#10
All you fight is bandits.

If they made it spiderants, skags, rakk, bandits, lance, the slug things, guardians and all the other s*** at the same time it'd probably have been really cool. No variety though.
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  3. Why do peoplpe not like Moxxis and also compare it to slaugther dome?

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