Choose your top three Badass ranks

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User Info: StupendousMan

4 years ago#31
Darque posted...
Recoil Reduction
Reload Speed

When done perfectly, expect your arm to catch on fire

User Info: WalkingTaffle

4 years ago#32
Im playing as salvador and putting my skills into gunzerking/ health

So ill put up damage, rate of fire, something else i guess.

User Info: Wrangler_Jon

4 years ago#33
Gun damage
recoil reduction
My gamer tag is Wrangler Jon
My PSN name is JonDaCowboy

User Info: supersvegeta

4 years ago#34
Gun Damage
Fire Rate
Elemental Effect Chance
I believe it's time I gave these young people a proper lesson in violence. -Walter

User Info: minimang123

4 years ago#35
Reload Speed
Shield Recharge Delay
Elemental Effect Chance

User Info: stickboy2323

4 years ago#36
I already posted once but after thinking about it more I'm thinking that I will most likely do an even spread of points over all the options. Since these will apply to all the different characters/builds I make I think having a balanced approach is probably best. Plus, all of the options are good so why would you want to ignore any of them?

User Info: strokerace89

4 years ago#37
1) gun damage
2) fire rate
3) recoil reduction

for me its all about putting as many hard hitting rounds down range and on target as fast as possible.

User Info: Purple_Cheetah

4 years ago#38
1. Shield capacity
2. Shield recharge rate
3. Fire rate

Changed my choices after having a moment to think about it, my first choices were a bit... random.
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