Looking for players upon launch

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User Info: killerblackbelt

5 years ago#1
Hey whats up guys, I'm a huge BL1 fan and am getting BL2 on the 20th , add me if your down to party up and play. Im 21 and pretty chill

RuiZZy 55

User Info: Mtpgamer

5 years ago#2
i had a topic also looking for players feel free to send me a FR

GT and PSN-kurosawasghost

User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#3
I should be getting it in the mail around that time as well, feel free to add me. I should have enough slots in my fl >.>
GT: iAmTheTot - No, really, I am.
http://lawlgaming.chatango.com/ - Live uncensored chat for gamers - Any platform, any genre! NOT for the easily offended!

User Info: killerblackbelt

5 years ago#4
yeah ill add you both , Im thinking maya or zer0

User Info: CeasdRedemption

5 years ago#5
I'll be on... 23 with a mic, and I WONT stand around in a menu all the time or rush to be first...
Everyone else in the topic feel free to add me

GT: Mstrkrftroll or I will add you

User Info: WNxDice

5 years ago#6
I'm down. GT - DurHello

User Info: TerraFlare190

5 years ago#7
GT: TwilightEdge90

Thinking of going any of the classes except soldier.
"We are condemned to be free" Jean-Paul Sartre
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