Preorder bonuses with gamestop question

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User Info: eddiefan87

4 years ago#1
So I preordered back in June to get the premier club bonuses. I am planning on playing the entire game split-screen with my brother and was wondering about a few things.

1) Will we both be able to play in the slaughter dome even though we only preordered one game?

2) Will he be able to use the mechromancer (He wants to, but I am not as interested) if we download the extra content to my xbl account?

I guess the main question is whether the bonuses are applied to the console in general or a profile in particular.
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User Info: Bull77

4 years ago#2
They are linked to the system first then the profile. So if you save it to your system, he should have no issue having his own username and play said level. Also you can have your profile on another system and as long as it's online, you will be able to play said level.
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