Angel wings?

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User Info: Darque

5 years ago#11
Which is actually pretty cool when you consider what they each typed out. XD
Jill Valentine > You

User Info: IdTheDemon

5 years ago#12
PC version will probably have the modded options with the 3rd person view. You would see the wings in multiplayer anyways.

I like how Maya's wings differ from Lilith's. Lilith has fire angel wings while Maya seems to have a greenish moth look to it.

User Info: Metalgenesis

5 years ago#13
AlleRacing posted...
Yeah, same with Spark. Teammates of Lilith must get pretty annoyed when those skills activate.

Learning to snipe is a requirement to play with a Lilith user. If they aren't downing themselves, they're downing everyone else.

Would it be wrong to consider Phoenix and Spark "Emo mode" from now on.
In a battle of idiocy, the first to walk away wins.

User Info: Pensato

5 years ago#14
AlleRacing posted...
Yeah, same with Spark.


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