Zer0 is g0ing t0 be 0verp0wered as f***

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  3. Zer0 is g0ing t0 be 0verp0wered as f***

User Info: XRamzaX

5 years ago#21
Salvador is the new lilith. Close range fighter, hard to kill with many abilities to use that will help him stay alive and tons of movement speed.

Half my friends only played as lilith because of movement speed, making it easier to get in to combat, finish quests faster and get to chests first.
Be nice to newbs, you shall be one again someday.

User Info: Crayonmuffin

5 years ago#22
I think gun damage out of Deception should do more than just 200%. Melee gets 650%! WHOO! But not guns?

360 only ATM. I need a new PC.
Currently awaiting: Borderlands 2, Dishonored, XCOM:Enemy Unknown, Halo 4, Black Ops 2.

User Info: TheRedDash

5 years ago#23
Even if it is true and he is op, don't choose him, don't put skill points towards OP skills, if someone joins your game and he is destroying everything as zero....simple boot him.

I cant wait to be a OP beast, I'm not even going to play online anyway.
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  3. Zer0 is g0ing t0 be 0verp0wered as f***

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