color ranks......

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User Info: dcyankees

4 years ago#1
you think there will be secret color ranks for weapons/shields etc in this game or do you think they will stick with the ones they had in borderlands 1? ive seen video where legendary weapons are still dark orange, but im hoping pearlescent. make a come back and maybe even somthing better than pearlescent
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User Info: korruptid239

4 years ago#2
Pearlescent is not in the game, the developers have been quoted saying that, but also hinted maybe they will return in a DLC similar to BL1.

The colors seem to be the same, as well as a reddish purple as well as regular purple. Reddish purple are E-Tech weapons, which are the replacement for Eridian guns from BL1 which were the alien blasters/goo guns etc. They are regular type weapons modified with alien tech, so often have crazy effects.

It appears that E-Tech weapons can both be random (unconfirmed) as well as unique guns from boss enemies or quests (confirmed).

User Info: FluffyDemon38

4 years ago#3
Seems as though they've added pink for e-tech weapons.

Gotta love lasers.
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