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User Info: WestSdeNleVrus

4 years ago#11
I'm gonna try a melee build of Zero down the Bloodshed tree.

User Info: FluffyDemon38

4 years ago#12
All hail the Salvador master race.


Hard to kill 5/5
I'm the juggernaut 3/5

Filled to the brim 5/5
All in the reflexes 5/5
Steady as she goes 1/1

Quick draw 5/5
Locked and loaded 2/5
I'm your huckleberry 4/5
All I need is one 1/5
Money shot 1/5
Auto-load 1/1
Divergent likeness 4/5
Down not out 1/1
Lay waste 3/5
Keep it piping hot 2/5
No kill like overkill 1/1
Xbox LIVE: Hellwolf8400 PSN: hellwolf84
Not stealing CaptainWolf's XBL and PSN id's , we're just brothers

User Info: SymphonicGlory

4 years ago#13
Most likely going with Axton since Roland was my favorite in the first game.
Going to play around with it more once I actually play the game since I'm playing solo while I wait for my friend to get it too.

Survival: 29
Healthy: 5/5
Preparation: 5/5
Last Ditch Effort: 2/5
Pressure: 2/5
Forbearance: 2/5
Phalanx Shield: 1/1
Quick Charge: 2/5
Resourceful: 5/5
Mag-Lock: 1/1
Grit: 3/5
Gemini: 1/1

Guerrilla: 11
Sentry: 5/5
Willing: 5/5
Scorched Earth: 1/1

Gunpowder: 5
Impact: 5/5

User Info: legend253

4 years ago#14
Rolling a Maya first run. Gonna dabble in some Black Magic, then get a little Motion action.

This is a Solo Build, aimed at using Phaselock to dish out massive damage to a large group of enemies, then finish them off quickly, as opposed to using Reaper and Suspension to make the battle last longer in the long run.

My co-op build is centered on Harmony, with mostly Motion on the side.
I also have a Motion-heavy build.


Cloud Kill-1
Chain Reaction-2
Blight Phoenix-5

Total- 27


Kinetic Reflection-5 (or I may split points between this and Ward)



Mind's Eye-3
Sweet Release-2
Restoration-2 (or 1 or 0)
Wreck-1 (or 2 or 3)

GT: Lord Avon (if you wanna play Borderlands, message me)
"Ow, what are you? Seth's sister?

User Info: JustArtificial

4 years ago#15
Zer0 - Sniper Build

Decepti0n - Action Skill = 1

Sniping Tree;
Headsh0t = 5
Killer = 5
Vel0city = 5
B0re = 1
Kill C0nfirmed = 5
At 0ne with the gun = 4
Critical Ascensi0n = 1

Cunning Tree;
C0unter Strike = 5
Ambush = 5
Rising Sh0t = 5
Death Mark = 1
Innervate = 3

Build is purely for damage and crits with the sniper in mind, allowing others also to do more damage as well as myself. Both for single and multiplayer use.
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