Eridium sharing?

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User Info: JJohnson7474

4 years ago#1
Does anybody know if they'll be Eridium sharing throughout the party, just like money and ammo?

User Info: pythian83

4 years ago#2
Eridium is shared as well

User Info: pttp_co_nr

4 years ago#3
I watched a video that said it wasn't...
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User Info: blackmagika

4 years ago#4
yep Eridium is not shared
RP said in a video that the players would have to decided who got it

User Info: Bokugo

4 years ago#5
but i remember distinctly that in the 2 hour video of Axton and Zero, Zero picked up some eridium and we saw it add onto Axtons as well without him looking near it at all.
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User Info: Amber_Rising

4 years ago#6
Eridium not being shared could get old REALLY fast.
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User Info: Arc1med5

4 years ago#7
Eridium is shared I believe. One of the Hyperion slaughter videos shows eridium pop up on the screen when other player picked it up. Not sure which video though.
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