starting off with who?

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User Info: nardhardy

5 years ago#1
Just curious guys as to who do you guys plan to start your first playthrough with?
Me, prob mechromancer preorder character or salvador

User Info: nardhardy

5 years ago#2
thats if shes available right off the back of course.

User Info: LeonKennedy28

5 years ago#3
You won't be able to start with the mechromancer she won't be available until 60-90 days after the games release. I'm starting with maya. my pawn ranger

User Info: Zangan_Zack

5 years ago#4
Mechromancer won't be released until the 16th of October (at least from what I last heard). Alas, for me I'm looking forward to playing as Axton, if only for the opportunity to execute long-range nuclear strikes on my unsuspecting foes.
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User Info: nardhardy

5 years ago#5
nice choices maya is going to be insane, and axton's turrets makes roland's look like a joke lol and i figured as much for the mechro character.oh well salvador it is!

User Info: x_x_sasuke_x_x

5 years ago#6
I'm going with Maya, her Cataclysm tree looks like a lot of fun. Playing solo btw
GT: AcousticFuneral

User Info: LeonKennedy28

5 years ago#7
Been looking at the skill trees, I think i'm switching to Axton. my pawn ranger

User Info: MetroidHunter13

5 years ago#8
im certainly going with maya as my solo character, but as for a co-op, im tied with 3, i have another topic explaining it. im gonna figure it out before i get it, and seeing as i have a week long vacation the week the game comes out, ill have plenty of time to work on it,..
R.I.P. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, you'll be missed.
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User Info: EvilScythe

5 years ago#9
Zero, im a sniper.

User Info: Iji_The_Killer

5 years ago#10
Axton here. He looks like he will be the most "noob" friendly character but if you build Axton towards Metal Storm, Onslaught and Able he will give advanced players a fun skill build.
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