my maya build

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User Info: mysteriousdude

5 years ago#1
im trying really hard to not make her a healer really and manly focus on her crowd control and elemental effects and just causing chaos on the battlefield but i thought the life orb ability was really cool any suggestions to make it better?

User Info: iMillatime

5 years ago#2

This one is better imo. phaselock going from enemy to enemy? hell yes. You basically have +50% fire rate and +30% damage at all times as well.
It's Millatime
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User Info: juliomon7

5 years ago#3
here is mine:

Main focus is phaselock/high elemental damage/crowd control with a little bit of healing support. I wanted to spend some points on Quicken but is too far down the motion tree. I'm sure there will be artifacts/class mods that will increase cooldown rates.
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