So is 46 skill points the maximum?

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User Info: hotgamer90

5 years ago#11
That's just the way it is. Vanilla Borderlands 1 had only 46 skillpoints as well. With Mad Moxxi DLC, it was possible to add 2 more, one for each playthrough. General Knoxx DLC added 11 more levels, and thus 11 more skill points. Claptrap Revolution DLC added two more as well, one for each playthrough. Finally, the games max level was modified in a general update by 8 levels, so 8 more skill points there as well.

So, if you hit the max level of 69 AND got all four of the bonus skill points from Mad Moxxi and Claptrap, the total skill points in Borderlands 1 was 69 as well.

However, Borderlands 2 is going to start out just like Vanilla Borderlands 1 did, So, first 4 levels you get nothing, then from 5 to 50, you get 1 skill point per level, max hitting at 46. For all we know, they will add DLC that increases the max level which will thus raise the number of skill points. Throw in the idea that some DLC might give a bonus skill point as well, we could very well get more. It's possible, but doubtful, that any bonus missions in Borderlands 2 will give more skill points that you won't need DLC for.
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5 years ago#12
korruptid239 posted...
BobbyCreek posted...
It takes 26 skill points minimum to fill out a skill tree, if they bumped the skill cap up 11 points like the first one in the original game you would have enough points to max out 2 skill trees plus a tiny bit extra. If they bump it up 19 points like the final level cap you would still only be able to max out 2 skill trees but with more leftovers

Although, there is a lot of speculation that even IF you had the points to do so, you may only be able to have 1 final tier "game changer" skill. There are several reasons people feel this way, but the most popular reasons are A) Some classes would be way to OP, imagine having 2 Scopio Turrets with 2 guns on each one and they shoot slag and rockets too. B) Some classes would have conflicting abilities, Maya would slag, electrocute, and corrode the enemy that she was trying to use to attack other enemies. C) If you WERE limited to only 1 "game changer" then builds would be a lot more unique.

There are multiple "game changers" in each tree, some at "tier 3" and some at "tier 6", 6 is at bottom of the trees 3 is half way down.

So we can definatly have more than 1 game changer. I think with 46 skill points we can get 3-4 depending on character.

Fine, for the sake of clarity please replace any reference to "game changer" in my last post with "tier 6 game changer"
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User Info: Malzel

5 years ago#13
Naturally everyone would want more skill points. But I can't help but think that two nuke turrets would be OP.

User Info: darkelfthief

5 years ago#14
In Borderlands 1, you can get 6 extra skill points from quests: Moxxi's DLC, Robulution DLC, & General Knoxx DLC. Finish the main quest lines on those on Playthrough 1 & 2, to get the extra skill points (For Moxxi, just gotta do the small arenas quest).
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