Gamestop pre-order or Best Buy Pre-order?

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User Info: KenshiroX

5 years ago#1
I have money down on this game at both stores. Which is the better pre-order? Note, I'm leaning a bit more towards BB simply because I have one of their credit cards and I'm kind of low on cash. But, enlighten me?

User Info: bassage

5 years ago#2
You get that horde mode add on(forgot the name) with gamestop only. It will cost you money if you want it later as DLC.

User Info: errr_right

5 years ago#3
Slaughter Dome, I believe it's called. Though it sounds like it's going to be like Mad M's and many folk didn't enjoy it. Granted, I had a hoot and enjoyed the music to it.

If you don't mind missing out on that, go with whatever you want. I can't see why you shouldn't though unless Best Buy is offering something else.

User Info: vigorm0rtis

5 years ago#4
What does BB get? All preorders get the premium club stuff. They give you a gift certificate worth $20, but you might want to make sure you don't have to be in the BB gamer's reward club to get it.
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User Info: mst3kfan78

5 years ago#5

You do have to be a Gamers Club Reward Zone member to get the certificate. Because of this I went with Gamestop just because I actually get something for the game free.
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User Info: willruth

5 years ago#6
I work at a best buy and I would go to gamestop. I am getting my special edition (with employee discount) at best buy and my second copy at gamestop so i can get the slaughter dome then selling that to a buddy.
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  3. Gamestop pre-order or Best Buy Pre-order?

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