Who else is buying this just for single-player?

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  3. Who else is buying this just for single-player?

User Info: Look_A_Username

5 years ago#1
I enjoyed the first one as a solo experience, so I'm pumped for this :)

User Info: ironmaidenfan70

5 years ago#2
me ive never tried the coop in the first borderlands and i had that since launch.
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User Info: Om3g4W34p0n

5 years ago#3
same I enjoy playing through them first alone to go at my own pace.
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User Info: Smokescreened84

5 years ago#4
I'll be sticking with single player, no desire to have to put up with others while I'm trying to play in peace.
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User Info: Edavy89

5 years ago#5
For me, it is kind of solo. I likely won't play online ever (except to get an online achievement if i have to). But, I will be playing with my wife split screen 99% of the time. I guess i should say i'm playing for the off-line experience, not the solo experience.

User Info: Morter

5 years ago#6
i wouldn't say I'm playing JUST for the solo

But i'm def playing mostly solo.

I'm going to play online and prob as Maya so I can heals.
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User Info: Anyte

5 years ago#7
I might split screen co-op a bit if my housemate likes 2 as much as 1, but I don't play on a live enabled profile.

User Info: outcast1398

5 years ago#8
For now yes. Then I will convince my buddy to buy and then his 2 brothers. So I expect a full party for my second play through.

I'm new to the series and I won't jump in with randoms till I'm familiar with the game and most likely solo it 1 time.

User Info: yomi52

5 years ago#9
i got bored of the 1st

User Info: Phaseknox

5 years ago#10
I am, because I strictly play games single player.
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  3. Who else is buying this just for single-player?

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