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User Info: TacoBellWorker

5 years ago#1
unfortunately it is not that good. I will be returning my copy

User Info: Mister_Vanilla

5 years ago#2
I love your Dorito tacos.

User Info: Edavy89

5 years ago#3
*yawn* IT!

User Info: AethonWarrior

5 years ago#4
You work at Taco Bell. You honestly think an opinion as prestigious as yours will be noted? Borderlands 2 is amazing.

User Info: beefteriyaki

5 years ago#5
Read this post.

Unfortunately, it is terrible. I will be closing this window.

User Info: Ih8uguys

5 years ago#6
Guy doesn't like what I like, he must be a troll.
I'm not your buddy, guy.

User Info: rainbowdragon92

5 years ago#7

User Info: tzar_666

5 years ago#8
that doritoes taco is the best thing cince bacon
psn tzar666
xbox davethebakerx2

User Info: Edavy89

5 years ago#9
Ih8uguys posted...
Guy doesn't like what I like, he must be a troll.

Guy doesn't know how to read, I don't see the word troll once until you use it. IT!

User Info: OofreakoO

5 years ago#10
even if you have played it, you haven't played it more than a handful of hours.

try again at the end of the week. maybe yer lame troll attempt will work better k.
The ocean floor is hidden from your viewing lens.
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