Salvador or Zer0?

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User Info: wha7leven

5 years ago#1
Please help and give your opinions >.<

User Info: nuclearpizza

5 years ago#2
I'm loving Zer0.

Shooting an enemy gives me a boost to melee damage and if I melee an enemy I get a boost to shooting them. Leads to combos. The deception is neat and eventually you can do it nonstop and even throw kunai out.

Sal is great for solo, like Axton. Sal's gunzerking is ridiculous with some weapons. Double shotty's and I could kill a certain boss in no time at all.

Both great, but I am playing Zer0 more followed by Axton and then Sal. Have yet to play as Maya.
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User Info: Agent_Xoa

5 years ago#3
Might as well give some input on Zer0. His class is a cool concept but his melee hasn't been that useful for me up to level 15, it just ends up getting me killed often. I doubt I'm playing the class perfectly, though, and I've basically switched to focusing on crits lately, which is alright if that's your thing.

There's a lot of strategy involved in his deception ability and I've also been experimenting with random elements, like explosive shields, corrosive shields, which seem to help his damage output while trying to melee, at least a bit at the lower levels.
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