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User Info: VinnyHaw

5 years ago#1
Hi, so my buddy pre-ordered the game and just endered his 2 codes by hitting the dash button and going to redeem code. how can he access the dlc? when he goes to the dlc tab on the main menu of the game, nothing is coming up. when he starts the game the new character isn't there either. and something about a golden key idk. can someone help?
XBL GT: VinnyHaw

User Info: rwfan2c

5 years ago#2
the Mechromancer isnt out yet. wont be till October.

you have the golden key in your inventory.

everything else is available when you load into pandora.

I believe the creature dome thing is in the fast travel stations.
XBOX GT: thetimeofthe9

User Info: Intoxicatious

5 years ago#3
- The gold key is not shown until you are playing the game )check the bad-ass menu for your character)

- The new character won't be available for download yet, but it will be free for pre-orders when it is available.

The other content should be ready to go when you start playing.

User Info: VinnyHaw

5 years ago#4
thanks for the fast reply :-)
XBL GT: VinnyHaw

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