Rolands chest behind bars

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User Info: poopinyoface

4 years ago#1
I was just walking around roland's place (i don't know the exact name of the place) where the vault is and there's a cell with a chest in there. I press the button but it doesn't open it up. How do i open it up or do i need to just keep playing?
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User Info: Yuenku

4 years ago#2
Look at the ceiling; there will be a couple of red pipes. Find a way up to them and walk across them as if they were a bridge all the way to the end, and there will be a secret room with switches to open the jail cells.

There's also a vault symbol in that room that you can activate, and it'll say "1 out of 2 hidden vault symbols found" or something.
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User Info: Bristow84

4 years ago#3
I've searched all over the ceiling and I can't find the pipes you're describing
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User Info: Maniac_Dance

4 years ago#4
he's describing how to open prison cells in a different area that has a chest behind it. You're talking about the one in sanctuary. I still don't know how to get to that one, I imagine at some point it might open up in a story quest.
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User Info: Ravetown

4 years ago#5
I saw that big chest there and since is nothing in the guide (only cursory look), I assume it opens later.

User Info: poopinyoface

4 years ago#6
Yea im guessing during the story.
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User Info: RiceKrispies1

4 years ago#7
Anybody figure this one out yet?

User Info: Rogue_Leader_X

4 years ago#8
This thread needs a bump! Someone must have the answer!

User Info: DiamondZ

4 years ago#9
Progress farther in the story and you will get in.
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