So yeah...can't beat the Warden.

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User Info: Takuru

5 years ago#1
I'm talking about the 2nd time, after he takes the commander to an isolated base.

Besides the fact that there are 20 robots trying to kill me, every time you kill all the robots protecting the warden, it generates 2 more instantly, including a tough to deal with badass robot.

It's shields also are way stronger than anything I've faced in the game and none of my guns are even scratching its shield. I'm 2 levels higher than the recommended level for the mission. I'm solo, meaning it should be even easier to beat than usual.

Not to mention it gets all its health back if you die and I want to throw my controller at the screen?

What is the way to beat it?
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User Info: Vortex268

5 years ago#2
I'm stuck on the Warden too. If anyone can share tips on how they beat it I would welcome them.

User Info: Wingsburntblack

5 years ago#3
I was able to beat him by approaching from the right hand side and using a sniper rifle to hit his crit spot. I was lvl 14 playing as Zero. Just keep hammering his crit and once he's down Roland will help out.

User Info: slysalt

5 years ago#4
Anything with Explosive on it will help immensely. Both to deal with the adds it spawns plus it will do decent damage to it overall.

If you don't have that, Corrosive or Shock can do almost as well.

User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

5 years ago#5
Shock weapons tear through shields, which the Warden has a lot of. When those are depleted, a Corrosive weapon will melt its face.

Since you're having a lot of problems with the sheer number of enemies in the room, try finding a Shock or Corrosive Rocket Lawn Chair. They are really good in this game.
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  3. So yeah...can't beat the Warden.

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