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Feculent Chulainn

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User Info: Blyr

5 years ago#1
So the red text says "Riastrad!"

Did a little searching and came across this -

(Wikipedia page for Cu Chulainn)

"However, he sets off on his own, and when he arrives at Emain he runs onto the playing field without first asking for the boys' protection, being unaware of the custom. The boys take this as a challenge and attack him, but he has a ríastrad and beats them single-handed."

When you equip it, it slags you. I'm not sure if it's the debuff slag, or the "I'M A GOD" slag buff, haven't tested it much yet.. but I'm thinking it's the latter. Posting this incase anyone else gets it and is wondering wtf it does. Definitely a keeper.
Does it scare anybody else that the only metric Americans know, has to do with weapons? -Rampagingwalrus

User Info: Cowel

5 years ago#2
Well I've been playing with it, and it's definitely badass.

It does slag you, so you'll be taking a lot more damage than normal. You'll need a good shield, and some skills to help your resilience. I'd recommend kinetic resilience if you're playing a siren.

But, this doesn't just do slag damage, it does shock damage too. It either alternates shots or each does a combination of the two elements. But the shock numbers are definitely higher than the slag ones, and I'm getting a lot of electrocutes as well as slag procs.

I loved Moxxi's SMG, but this is my new favorite. I kill mobs so fast I wet myself.
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